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256 Parkdale 

256 Parkdale Ave N., Hamilton 

  • 35,000 square foot 4 storey building consisting of 5o residential units 
  • Passive House (PH) design standards 


  • High energy efficient building - Passive House (PH) certified 
  • Design of HVAC systems and central boiler system with terminal units for rediesdential space 
  • Washroom exhaust design for each suite will be central, running through heat recovery system 
  • Design of new sanitary and water supply system, hot water system tied into building heating system 
  • Design of performance-based sprinkler  design 


  • Main electrical service to building and underground ducts for main communication 
  • Design of power distribution 
  • Design of lighting, emergency lighting and running man signs for whole building
  • Exterior building lighting design and site lighting photometric calculations for pole and building mounted lighting 
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