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Mechanical Engineering

 Mechanical Engineering services include, design, reporting and evaluating building services. In addition to this our services include heating, ventilating, air conditioning, storm and sanitary systems, energy audits and management, renovations, plumbing and drainage, make-up air unit upgrades, domestic water boiler and piping replacement, and boiler and chiller plants.

We are industry leader in energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems designs such as near net zero and passive house certified buildings.

We cater both retrofit market and new construction.

Additional services include

  • Feasibility studies for new construction and existing buildings

  • Building automation systems

  • Fire protection systems, sprinkler and stand pipe systems

  • High density data center cooling system design

  • Industrial fume extraction and scrubber system design

  • Steam system designs

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering services including, feasibility studies, site investigations, evaluating existing building services and conditions,  cost estimates and project management. Our team has a variety of experience designing multiple electrical systems for various types of buildings including interior and exterior designs.  We provide detailed engineering for various electrical systems including the following

  • Fire alarm Systems

  • Power Systems distribution including electrical service upgrades

  • Emergency Generators and critical power distribution

  • Lighting Control Systems including occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, dimming and relay control panels

  • Lighting and Emergency lighting systems including photometric studies and calculations

  • Communication and data systems for public Address, intercom and audio Systems

  • Security Systems

  • Electrical Short Circuit, Arc Flash and Coordination Studies

Energy Saving Designs

 With today’s high cost of building operations, energy saving designs are a high priority.

Our dedicated team will review existing conditions and proposed optimum capital and operational cost approach resulting in energy saving such as:

  • VFD systems as opposed to fixed speed systems

  • Introduction of demand control ventilation where possible

  • Introduction of building automation systems

  • LED lighting designs

  • Lighting control systems including occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting and centralized lighting control systems.

  • Industry leader in passive house (PH) certified building design

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