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Hambleton Hall

190 Dean Street, Simcoe 

  • 20, 000 square feet renovation 
  • 2 storey church converted into 40 residential units 
Hambleton Hall.jpg


  • High energy efficient building

  • Energy modeling OBC SB-10 submission 

  • Design of HVAC system and VRF (variable refrigerant flow) ventilation system based on heat recovery units 

  • Washroom exhaust design for each suite will be central, running through heat recovery system 

  • Design of performance-based sprinkler and fire alarm system 

  • Plumbing work related to elevator sump pump 

  • New sanitary and water supply systems 


  • Main electrical service upgrade to building and design of new underground ducts for main communciation 

  • Design of power distribution 

  • Design of lighting, emergency lighting and running man signs 

  • Exterior building lighting design 

Hambleton Hall Grand opening  (31).JPG
Hambleton Hall Grand opening  (41).JPG
Hambleton Hall Grand opening  (24).JPG
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