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Royal Oak Dairy

223-227 East Ave. N., Hamilton

  • 66,500 square feet

  • Conversion of existing dairy building into two buildings with shared underground parking.

  • Building A- 3 stories and 43 units

  • Building B- 5 stories and 52 units

Royal Oak Dairy - V3.jpg
Royal Oak Dairy - V2.jpg


  • Design work related to heating, ventilation and air conditioning system for each apartment and common space.

  • Design concepts for mechanical HVAC systems and air distribution

  • Design ventilation system to comply with passive house (PH) standard.

  • Design work related to new sanitary and water supply systems. This includes coordination with owner on various sanitary fixtures, coordination with site services engineer.

  • Design new performance-based sprinkler and stand pipe system complete with paper specifications.

  • Plumbing for building including washrooms and kitchens.


  • Design new main electrical service to the building including coordination with Hydro Utility.

  • Design new underground ducts for main communication to the building.

  • Design interior power, lighting, emergency lighting, fire alarm, communication systems and security systems. 

  • Design new exterior building lighting and site lighting photometric calculations

Royal Oak Dairy - V4 (002).jpg
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